Monday, 2 September 2013

you say smile, i say cheese..

heels: Spartoo
skirt: great plains
blouse: primark

This outfit post has been a long time coming - but if I'm honest, that's quite fitting as so was the skirt!

After mentioning it in a wishlist post, here, I took the plunge and ordered it from Zalando, as I failed to find it anywhere else (I know it's quite old stock now) without further delay. After several emails from them to tell me my "order has been delayed", it was finally on it's way, just short of three weeks after ordering.

Thankfully, once dispatched, it didn't take long. I had to iron it once it arrived, smooshed into a postcard-sized box, but never mind. I'd probably have needed to iron it anyway, as the fabric is pretty thin and does seem to crease very easily. 

I'm glad I ordered it, even if the wait has put me off ordering from Zalando again the future. Has anyone else used them and had a better experience? I must admit, I find their site a little overwhelming; there's just so much to browse through - no wonder it took them three weeks to find something to post out!