Saturday, 12 October 2013

dressed in black and we're singing along to the broken hearts parade..

Girlfriend Coat : Tara Starlet
cardigan: h+m
shoes: Red Herring @ Debenhams
dress: h&m
You know that point when your brain is feeling saturated and you just throw an outfit together without thinking about it very much? This was one of those.

I've rather embraced this colder weather, since I seem to be building up quite the little collection of new coats. My long-awaited Tara Starlet one got it's first outing on Thursday. I think due to it's shape and length, I'm only going to be able to wear it with heels. With flat shoes it seems to look more like a sack, or a blanket reminiscent of those ones you see them put around people who have been rescued from drowning in a river or something.

I chucked the shoes on because I've recently rediscovered them in a bag of stuff which came back from my wardrobe in Wales. I remember thinking they were a total bargain (about £10) in the post-Xmas sale and then putting them away to be worn at a later date. Not sure how well they all go together, but hey ho. In true Sesame Street style, this week has been brought to you by coffee and painkillers.


  1. I love your coat, it's so different from everything else on the high street.

  2. PMSL at the blanket joke! Really loving the coat, so chic!

  3. Those shoes are fab! Rather lovely coat too! Know what you mean about 'the blanket effect'; but if I'd just been rescued from drowning I'd be jolly happy to be wrapped up in Tara Starlet!
    Tabby's learned to sign off for me but she did it at the beginning of this comment, so I've moved it to here...xzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx

  4. I really love this coat, the colour is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx