Sunday, 6 October 2013

sunday shoes 024..

Charity shop bargains!
001: Faith SEPIA glitter ankle boots
002: Beige studded shoe boots
003: Black studded shoe boots
004: Topshop SHERRY Mary Jane heels

Last weekend I probably had the best charity shop luck I've ever had. I KNOW I said I wasn't buying any more shoes in September after last week's Sunday Shoes pairs, but the I was in Wilmslow and wandering past the Cancer Research charity shop and first of all I spotted these studded shoe boots (pairs 002 and 003) and then saw that they had a huge sign in the window saying that everything was £2 for that day only.

I didn't quite believe it, but went in anyway to look at the shoes. I thought that perhaps they'd be a reasonable price, and hoped they would be in my size. Which they both were - brand new and never worn, by the looks of things, and yes, they were £2 each.

As I bundled them up and headed for the queue, (my Dad chucked a rather perfect leopard print prom dress at me as well, which I'll save for another post as it's not a shoe), I saw the Faith boots (001) but expected them to be the wrong size. I picked them up and, discovering they were a 7, added them to my pile.

As I was leaving, I realised that the Topshop heels (004) were actually a 7 as well, not a 6 as I'd originally thought - the price tag had said £6 and I'd misread that, so I went back in for them.

All in all, 4 pairs of rather lovely new shoes for a total cost of £8. How could I resist?!


  1. Glittery boots = amazing!! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. That's fantastic! Best shoe finds ever! x

  3. Ooh you lucky thing! Best shoe haul ever! Only £8 for 4 pairs of shoes!! X

  4. You have such lovely shoes! The glittery boots are gorgeous! :)

  5. Absolute bargains! Lucky you. Not that you want encouragement to spend more money, but I just spotted dinosaur print(!!!) tights on asos. I think I need them in my life too:

  6. Wow what a fantastic bargain haul! I love the studded heels and I can't believe you got them for just £2- it was definitely you're day!

  7. Wow what a haul!i love the Faith boots!x

  8. wow! I love the sparkly ones! :)

  9. These are literally such a bargain, I'm SO jealous of the glitter boots and beige heels! xxx