Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Favourites 070..

I don't know what's come over me this past week or so, but I, self-confessed Scrooge of our time, have started thinking more and more about Christmas: I guess I can't really escape it. Presents for others, outfits for myself, I'm even thinking about baking a Christmas cake this weekend!

So far, I've been doing pretty well with the present-buying. I've got the majority of people crossed off the list, which is pretty good for me. Usually I haven't started buying by the end of November. I've been doing a little of the shopping online, which helps, although I'm getting more and more infuriated at finding the perfect thing and then finding it's out of stock. Why put it on your site in the first place?! (Gifted Penguin, I'm looking at you!)

001: New Look Sequin Body, £17.99
001: I basically want this sequin body for all Christmas party outfits. I tried on this dress in Anthropologie recently and want to create something similar, but with a more flattering skirt. Sadly, I haven't managed to see the S/M size in stock online yet and none of the local stores have it in stock, so if you see one anywhere, let me know?

002: Cath Kidston Deer Glasses, £12
002: The other thing I'm getting rather excited about is all of the little gatherings and parties I've got planned for the festive season. In order to be the perfect hostess, I'm thinking it would be rather cute to get some of these deer print glasses - Christmassy, without being OTT, right?

To be fair, I'd be pretty happy to find anything from Cath Kidston under the tree this year. Or to find anything at all, in fact. I would hate to come across as anything like the write of this post, which is possibly the most ungrateful thing I've read for a long time. 


  1. Love the sequin body there, can't help thinking it would be awesome with a leather skirt too. I clicked through to the article linked at the bottom, seriously couldn't believe what I read. Just. No words. How damned ungrateful can you be... And the constant ref to disability must surely be, to all of those who try hard to live their lives as fully as possible, despite challenges, irritating too.

  2. Love the sequin body :)

  3. The body is gorgeous and you need it! I hope you find the dress in your size. And I NEED those glasses! I'm loving the fifties-style Christmas things that are about this year, and Cath Kidston have some lovely xmas bits again. I really want their festive tea light holders for my xmas Yankee Candles now, too!

  4. Oh, and I clicked through and read the post and the comments, and I'm utterly speechless. How can anybody be so ungrateful and rude? The least she could've done was to say 'thank you', keep her disappointment behind closed doors (where feelings couldn't get hurt), and pass the gift on to someone who would appreciate it! Or perhaps just be grateful for the kind gesture! Jeez. I'm glad I'm not the one buying gifts for her every year!

  5. I'm SO into sequins this time of year! :) also love the CK glasses :D