Thursday, 7 November 2013

Let the great wardrobe refill commence.

As I'm still trying to come to an agreement with my insurance company about having the majority of the contents of my wardrobe replaced after last weekend's flood incident, I've been trying to look for some ways of making the most out of what I've still got. Here's what I've come up with, so far.

Simple ways to update your wardrobe
With a little creativity and a few simple pick-me-up pieces, the contents of your cupboards could easily pack more of a style punch. I don't really want to have to replace every single item and I'm convinced that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to up the stakes on the fashion front.

Top to toe transformation
There are a variety of accessories that can instantly update a tired outfit and nothing is more effective than the simple addition of a hat or a perfect pair of shoes.
From a leather baseball cap to a slouchy beanie, fashionable hats can set you apart in the style stakes. A woven fedora works equally well with either worn-in jeans and a simple white top or a pretty, patterned sundress for a summer picnic. For a more formal event, a dark, well-fitting fedora or a floppy felt hat will add interest to a classic outfit or trouser suit.
Alternatively, why not plump for the perfect pair of heels to team with existing pieces? A striking pair of patterned shoes can add style to a wide range of well-worn garments. Leopard print heels pack a style punch with jeans and skirts and can effectively refresh your favourite little black dress. 

Experiment with make-up
Learn make up tips and tricks online to update an existing look. Sometimes, something as simple as a new shade of lipstick can be all it takes to lift a tired look and refresh an outfit choice. Experiment with lipstick colour and outfit combinations for surprisingly effective looks.
With sky high lashes and bright red lips, the remainder of your make-up can be minimal. Smokey eyes add instant sultry glamour to a simple evening outfit. Get the best beauty products for your skin and work with a flawless complexion to create unique looks that update existing outfits.

Make accessorising an art form
You don’t need to flash the cash to grab a stylish bag. The simple addition of a slouchy, shoulder bag or an eye-catching clutch can enliven any ensemble. Bold prints, patterns and textures all add interest to an existing outfit and can update your look in an instant.
Alternatively, why not get creative with costume jewellery? A statement piece or a collection of clashing bangles can take even a t-shirt and jeans combination from casual to chic in an instant. 

Any other things I ought to consider? 

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  1. I think these are all amazing ideas. I definitely agree that a new shade of lipstick can really transform an outfit, as can a few different accessories.

    Jennie xo |