Saturday, 16 November 2013

Material girl..

I'm still cheered up when I think of all of my lovely purchases from the last week or so. The weather is getting colder, but I'm looking forward to layering up under my pretty new Louche Dara coat, which is what I'd been hoping this Miss Selfridge one would look like in store, but that turned out to be too green for my liking.

I may have got a little over-excited in the Joy shop. It was nearing the end of the day and we were all pretty much shopped out (not to mention full to bursting after way too much food) but I couldn't resist trying on (and bringing home with me) not just the coat, but also this pretty Jacqui rose print dress and when the print of this Julita one caught my eye, I just couldn't leave without it, despite the sizing being rubbish. I mean, frogs and dogs and houses? Oh my.

Not all of this shopping came from my trip to London, of course. Sarah and I had both fallen for and ordered the Marina dress from Tara Starlet, and had doubled up to save on the shipping, so my dress was waiting for me when I got there. She's already had hers altered a little, but I think I like the length - it reminds me very much of the sort of fancy outfit I would save "for best" when I was little and of to a birthday party.


The other dress waiting for me when I got to Sarah's was this Duck and Duffel Audrey one, which I wore to London, but am still considering as new for the purposes of this post! It's very pretty, and I've already decided on my next D+D dress! I'm hooked.

I'm quite looking forward to all of the little parties and get-togethers I have in the diary for the next few months and am hoping to get plenty of opportunity to wear a pretty dress like this taffeta floral one from Tesco or this sequin midi skirt.


I have to admit, I've been pretty impressed by the clothing section in my local Tesco recently as well. It's not often that I can make it through there without coming away with something new, and Monday lunchtime was no exception. I came home with this velvet dress and also the dalmatian print jumper (what no more jumpers, ever rule?!) which I love due to it's front and back print.

All in all, a pretty successful couple of weeks and lots of lovely new additions to my wardrobe. I already have outfit ideas aplenty buzzing around in my brain.

p.s I also purchased a new pair of shoes, but they will have their very own post tomorrow.


  1. Ooh so many pretty clothes! I got a very similar sequin skirt from primark- I'm sure yours will last much longer!

  2. I love that dalmation jumper! I'll be keeping an eye out for it in store.

  3. Oh so many fabulous finds, that coat is gorgeous. Loving that camera print too, so unusual.