Monday, 25 November 2013

They think they're from the 60s, but they were born in 1991..

dress: ASOS
belt: h&m
glitter boots: Faith (charity shop)
It's Monday morning and I'm already tired. This can't be a good thing, can it? Also I have to get a train to London at 5am tomorrow, which is going to be a long day and which I'm not looking forward to. Yuck.

 It's been a nice weekend, though. I was actually not away for the first weekend in what seems like forever. I got lots of things ticked off my list in my efforts to be organised for Christmas, as well as some lovely indulgent things including meeting my Nan for coffee and present-choosing (actually that isn't Xmas-related at all, she's just been wanting to buy me something to celebrate achieving my QG award, which is very sweet of her).

I had a rare few hours of organising and baking in readiness for some of the Xmas events I have coming up, on Saturday evening. I'm so glad I've recently gone through the process of deciding which dishwasher to replace my old one with. I'd not really been using for a long while as it's been on it's last legs since I moved in, if I'm honest. I can hardly believe the difference the new one has made with things like saving the time it takes to clear up and wash up after baking mince pies and beginning the Christmas cake. I've not had a lot of luck with making my own Christmas cake in past years, but I was determined to try again this year, and followed Liz's recipe. I'll post about the results soon!

As for this outfit. I actually wore this to work, not over the weekend, but I quite like it - more than I thought I would when it finally arrived. I had to reorder this after whatever terrible delivery service ASOS use managed to lose my parcel the first time around, and then it took a while for there to be another in my size, but I'm sort of glad I waited because I also found the best hat and snood I've ever seen, and added those to my order..

The dress itself is thankfully not as huge and unflattering as the fox one I've recently ordered, but I did size down a couple of sizes nonetheless, and wear it with a belt at the waist, which helped the shape, in my opinion. It also gave me a chance to wear these bargain glittery Faith boots. 

What did you get up to this weekend?