Wednesday, 6 November 2013

When you stay happy in the dark, I'll be out drifting out towards light..

 horse print blouse: Brag Vintage*
Can't Touch This heels: Irregular Choice
skirt: Matalan
After yesterday's rather melancholy mood, trying to sort out repairs to the ceilings and dry out some of my things, I am feeling a little more productive today, at least.

As it had just arrived and was therefore still in it's packet away from the water damage, I decided to give this horse print blouse an outing. After replacing a button it arrived without, I decided to dig out an old pencil skirt for a day at the office. And promptly remembered how self conscious and unhappy I've been feeling about my shape when I put this pencil skirt on. I feel as though I've got much bigger since the last time I wore it as I don't recall it fitting this way. So I'm definitely back in "hate myself" mode.

Those feelings were not helped by the fact I had to forgo my spinning class last night in order to wait in for the decorator, who tells me I need the place repainting and two ceilings replacing. Awesome. 

Anyway, may as well make the most of the productivity whilst it lasts and get my Secret Santa emails sent out.


  1. Oh no, sending lots of love your way! I think you look super lovely in this outfit, the skirt is a gorgeous colour! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Char I think you look absolutely lovely!

  3. the blouse is a beauty! Sorry to hear about the damage to your flat, it must be very disappointing :/

  4. You look great, the skirt fits you beautifully.
    I hope everything is sorted soon x