Friday, 27 December 2013

Friday Favourites 075..

001: Plenty by Tracy Reese Frou Frou Skirt, Anthropologie, £188
002: Posey Print Organza Pleat Yoke Dress, Orla Kiely, £328
Christmas may have come and gone, but I don't suppose I'll ever stop shopping - at least now that all of the presents have been given, I can focus on finding things for myself..

001: This skirt has been causing me a bit of a headache, truth be told. I saw it when I was in the Anthropologie store in London, but not until I was on my way out and we'd already spent an insane amount of time in there, so I didn't study it too closely, figuring it would be easy to find it online. Which I tried to do, and failed. It seems that to begin with, although it was up there, the wrong pictures had been used. When it was updated, the photos didn't make it look quite as amazing as I'd thought it was from the fleeting glance I'd taken in the store. I think I do still rather like it, though.

002: I will start by admitting that I never thought I'd say this, but I really love this Orla Kiely dress. I always thought that on the whole, people fell into one or other of the Kiely vs Kidston camps, and I'm very much a Kidston girl. However, this dress has well and truly stolen my heart. Which is a sort of turn of phrase really, as I don't think my Christmas pennies will quite stretch to it so I'd have to rob a bank to be able to justify it. Gaaah.


  1. Wow that dress is beautiful. Far more than I would ever spend on a dress though (other than a wedding dress!) it would look amazing on you! Xx

  2. Both are gorgeous!!! Just the shape I like! X

  3. that first pretty......must buy......xx

  4. They're both so beautiful, but especially the dress. It's really pretty. I love both Kidston and Kiely; their prints are both amazing, but I'm definitely more of a Cath Kidston girl. I'm always coveting something CK at any given time! x

  5. Wow, love them both, but phew the prices!!