Thursday, 20 March 2014

Colors fading, frayed at the sight..

Coat: Henry Holland
Perfume Bottle Necklace: New Look
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Dress: F+F // Cardigan: H+M
I know this outfit is nothing special, but it's what I wore, so I guess it's got as much right as any other to be included here. My blog is nothing if not a true reflection of me, myself and my outfits.

I'd almost completely forgotten about this dress, until I was clearing out some items I no longer wear for the blog sale, which I'm adding more and more to each day, as I get chance. In doing so, I realised that even though I have the blinds closed, always, the sun seems to have got to a couple of my dresses and faded them slightly. Waah.

Thankfully this one wasn't affected and therefore escaped the charity bag. I decided to wear it as something plain to go with these Irregular Choice shoes, which I won last year on eBay but don't think I've worn before. The #irregularchoicechallenge is doing a great job at helping me to remember some of the pairs I've never worn and in some cases, forgot I'd owned. I'm considering doing some kind of monthly(?) round up of the pairs I've worn, for those who may be interested but don't have IG. What do you think?


  1. Lovely colour dress, such a shame some of your dresses have faded.

    X x

    1. I was really sad, I make sure the blind is always drawn, but it must still let some light in :(

  2. very pretty Char, I love the vibrant colour of the dress x

  3. Yesss a monthly round up please, even though I love your Instagram shots too! I agree about a blog being a true reflection: sometimes I take the most mundane outfit shots, yet people still seem to like them. Plus, this is still great, it really suits you! Simple is effective, right?! xxx

  4. Yes! Do it! I don't have Instagram or twitter or facebook or any of that jazz! The shoes are so nice!x

  5. I really like it! The colour of the dress is really pretty, and you have every right to post what you want! It's a shame some of your clothes got ruined :(, but now you have an excuse to go buy more!! Haha! xx