Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Harsh Leopard..

Heart Print Top: Oasap*
Leather skirt: Vintage store
"Harsh Leopard" Shoe Boots: Irregular Choice
A typical work day outfit for me. Since starting the #irregularchoicechallenge I've been thinking more about which shoes I want to wear that week and what outfits would go with them, and kind of building them around the shoes, rather than the other way around. This skirt is a fab basic and I was drawn to it in a vintage shop in Leeds purely because of the zip detail to the front, which I really like.

It might not be the most groundbreaking outfit but when this top arrived through my letterbox I immediately thought of this skirt. I decided to tuck it in as it's that loose, sort of mid-length style, which just looked a bit strange and frumpy over the waistband of the skirt, to me.I really like the colours in the print, though, as I think it will lend itself to all kinds of outfits.

I think this is the last time I wore these boots.They were a lot more comfortable this time, which is always good. I have been finding quite a level of inconsistency between some of the same styles, but in different colourways, as I've been working my way through this challenge. I wore some rose print wedges at the weekend, which really weren't comfortable on the toes, and yet when I wore the poodle print wedges to the Sewing for Pleasure show, I found them really comfortable. Totally weird.


  1. Love the top!
    Very cool outfit :)

  2. I really love the print of the top and how you've styled it with the skirt! You always seem to put together such lovely combinations! x xo

  3. Love the colour of the skirt