Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday Favourites 094..

Great Plains Wish You Were Here Dress
001: "Wish You Were Here" dress, Great Plains, £60
M+S Vanity Bag
002: Vanity Across Body Bag, Marks + Spencer, £29.50
Warehouse Lace Coat
003: Lace Coat, Warehouse, £100

This week I have definitely been influenced by other bloggers when putting this list together. Actually, when am I not?

001: Sarah sent me a link to this dress a little while ago, and I've had it bookmarked ever since. I love the colours and the print, and wouldn't it go nicely with the bag in 002...?

002: After seeing this post on She and Hem, I've been absolutely lusting after this bag. A beautiful baby blue and the perfect retro vanity-bag shape, I think it would finish just about any outfit off perfectly.

003: I know it's no secret that I'm in the throes of a coat obsession. I thought that now, what with it being Spring and all, I'd be over it, but then I saw this beautiful lace number and fell head over heels for it. Is this the most perfect coat you've ever seen, or is that just me?

What have you been wishing for this week?


  1. I saw the dress in the catalogue and thought a) I'd like that and b) I bet Char buys that! X

  2. Love the bag - sturdy but oh-so-pretty.

    1. I reaally fancy it - considering asking for it from my Nan for my bday.

  3. That would make a great outfit right there!

    1. This thought *may* have crossed my mind.