Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Favourites 097..

Fruit Wishlist Collage

A rather fruity themed wishlist this week. It's no secret that I'm a fan of a quirky print and the recent fruit print trend is no exception. Here's what I'd like to be adding to my, um...#wardrobefruitbowl?

001: This fab apple print skirt was something I first spotted on Sarah's blog. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with skirts. I just find dresses so much easier to wear, to style etc as you don't have to worry about where the waistband sits, what length it is, what top to pair it with, etc etc etc. That said, the length of this skirt is fab and I think it would work nicely with red or green, or obviously black. Or, y'know, with the matching apple print blazer..?

002: I don't even wear trainers unless I'm in the gym, and yet there are currently two pairs on my wishlist. These pineapple print ones are one of those. I'm thinking that I could overlook the fact that they're trainers because of their amazing print.

003: I can't think of one reason not to order this orange slice clutch bag, right this second. I really can't. It's so cute and would fit so well with the rest of the novelty bag collection! Plus, I think it's a total bargain at £9.99!

004: I think this orange print blouse might be my favourite thing on this week's list. I just love the print, and have visions of pairing it with shorts and a pair of brogues for work, or layering under a pinafore dress. If I was a little braver I could even use it as a jacket over a crop top or bikini top. (I'll never be that brave!)

Have you embraced the fruit print trend? I'm really not sure the #wardrobefruitbowl is going to have the same success as my #wardrobezoo hashtag.


  1. well I love the look of the orange print blouse. Blooming lovely :) x

  2. Hello fruit! One of my favourite dresses a fruit dress, it has oranges on it and is by Emily and Fin. I LOVE EMILY AND FIN THEY HAVE THE BEST PRINTS EVER. =)

    Corinne x

  3. Great choices this week! I love them all. The trainers are on my wish list, too. I haven't worn trainers fow well over a decade, but Converse are my exception which I'll wear every now and then. I think this style of shoe looks cute worn with pretty dresses and skirts. I love the orange clutch! It's just like the lemon Monki bag I bought last week. I hope you got your hands on the orange because it's out of stock now :( xx

  4. Also, I love the term wardrobe fruit bowl! Haha! xx

  5. Mmm what a juicy selection (sorry!). I'm really getting into fruit prints and even considering the pineapple print craze!