Saturday, 24 May 2014

Handbags and Gladrags..


I've been meaning to post this for a while but it took me a little time to get a good number of my 'novelty' bags together for photos. Here are some of the ones I've picked up over the years.

New Look Clutch // Ollie + Nic Apple Bag
Pocorn Bag // Dog Bag // Irregular Choice Record Bag // ASOS cupcake bag
Heart-shaped bags: All from Topshop in various years
Accessorize Paris postacrd bag // Irregular Choice Teddy bag // Matalan cat bag // Superman bag (unsure).
Faith Cat Bag // Clock Bag // Kookai Watermelon Clutch
Accessorize Camera Bag // LYDC London Owl Bag // Vintage clutch
The pop art clutch in the first photo is my newest addition; picked up from Sera's blog sale. I can't wait to use it as it seems a fab size. Relatively recent purchases have included the Accessorize camera bag, the clock print clutch and the popcorn and owl bags, as well as the apple bag of course.

The watermelon clutch is one I picked up about 5 years ago from Kookai and used a lot at the time - so much so that I had to repair it. It's been in storage since then but I can see it coming out to play a lot more.

I think the white cat bag was one of the very first quirky handbags I spotted. I have fond memories of going into the Faith store most weeks, just to see if it was still there. One day, when I'd saved up enough pocket money, of course it was no longer there, so I bought the Superman bag instead from a boutique in town which has since closed down. I picked the cat bag up a few years later from eBay and loved it as much as I'd thought I would.

I remember being totally excited by the Alice in Wonderland feel of the heart bags when they came out in Topshop. I used to be a total sucker for Topshop handbags, although these days I just think they're too expensive and not as interesting as they used to be.

I was thrilled when my sister managed to track me down the cupcake bag from ASOS. I'd seen it in a magazine I think, but not until it was sold out on the website and I looked everywhere for one. I think it must have come back into stock on there- and she has more patience than I do.

The sausage dog, I'm not sure of the brand, was something I bought from Emily's blog sale. I've used it quite a few times since then which is good going. I'm not sure I've ever used some of the others - the funny vintage Chinese scene one, for example. That's really old and I'm never quite sure how strong it would be.

Are quirky handbags your cup of tea or do you prefer more traditional designs?


  1. if any of the cat ones ever want a new home! xx

  2. I love novelty bags! Yours are!!! I don't have many- my Jump out of paper bag, a lovely Book clutch from you and an R2D2 bag. I had Shawn the sheep too but he went mouldy in the lift!!! Yours are fab!! I always wished I'd git the Matalan fox bag x

  3. Your collection is amazing! I love that watermelon clutch, and I'm still dying to get one of the popcorn bags. I have the camera, too- isn't it amazing? My Mum absolutely detests it for some reason. I used to love Topshop bags, too, and I agree that they're not as good as they used to be. They're so over-priced.

    Have you seen this lemon clutch yet? I treated myself to it the other day after I tweeted you about the pineapple bag and it's so fun. xx