Saturday, 31 May 2014

Oh Figaro, he's a Romeo..

Jessica Dress: Duck and Duffel
Coat: Primark
Clock handbag: Choies*
Buns n' Roses wedges: Iron Fist*

Do you ever put on an outfit and wish that you could just wear that forever? Kinda what I was thinking when I tried this dress on. I'd fallen head over heels for it when I saw a pic on Instagram and could not wait to add it to my Duck and Duffel camera print dress collection! (I already have the Audrey and the Betty, but I'm afraid Jessica beats them both hands down in a fight for my affections).

I know it's silly but when it arrived I decided to save this dress for something special - I generally have no distinction between day-to-day wear and special-occasion wear, which means that I'm overdressed for things approximately 99% of the time, but this dress seemed as though it needed to be saved for something special.

So, when it came to dressing up for a trip out for dinner and then to the theatre - is it just me who is traditional and sees the theatre as an opportunity to get my glad rags on? - I knew exactly what I wanted to wear.

I'd wondered about these shoes with the dress, purely because (as is often the way with my outfit combinations) they'd arrived on the same day. I really can't fault the comfort of these Iron Fist wedges, and decided that adding a monochrome print coat to go with the black in the shoes, and to tackle the silly weather we'd been having, might just bring it all together.

My clock clutch bag seemed to attract many compliments, as well as being plenty big enough to keep all of the essentials in, so that went down well! All in all, I rather liked how this turned out and felt like a princess in my pretty dress and petticoat layers..

Do you have fail-safe outfits which make you feel good?


  1. You do indeed look beautiful!!!!! What a lovely outfit!!! Petticoats ate great for making you feel extra special too! X

  2. This is such a pretty outfit. And you look fabulous in it. I don't think I have a fail safe outfit if I'm honest.

    X x

  3. That dress is soooo pretty and you look amazing in it! I love it! It's the perfect theatre outfit- I agree that going to the theatre requires dressing up in something special. I usually dress up when I go, but then, I dress up every day and am always over dressed! Haha! xx

  4. You look fab. The coat and shoes look great with the dress! x

  5. I love the print mixing in this outfit and that dress is so great! I'm with you- I usually don't save outfits for something special and just incorporate them into my day to day, but every once in awhile it's fun to save the perfect outfit for a special occasion!