Saturday, 17 May 2014

Queue for the Zoo..

Dress: Handmade (NL 6223 using Liberty Queue for the Zoo fabric)
Necklace: George@ Asda
Blazer: Missguided
Tea & Cakes Heels: Irregular Choice

This was one of the first times I made a dress and was actually thinking "argh, what if I ruin this fabric?" Yes, kind of silly since I was using a pattern I'd made many times before, so I knew it fitted me, I knew how it went together and I knew how to finish it neatly. But, this fabric and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship going on.

I bought it when Sarah and I had a day in London for Pure, back in February and at that time I really liked it. I do still really like it, but I hate how expensive it was and the fact that on the way home, we managed to find a website which sells it for a lot less than Liberty itself does.

I guess a combination of these two things made me less pleased and excited about using it, and more cross. When I did get around to cutting it out, I was careful. It's a very thin cotton lawn and the whole dress had to be lined, where ordinarily I'd only line the bodice for this pattern. I'm not a fan of synthetic lining, so I went with an old cotton sheet for this dress and was concerned that although it would feel nicer, it would be much more bulky than I'd like. Once I'd finished it, I didn't even try it on before putting it aside for #MMMay14.

Having decided to give it it's outing this week, I still wasn't sure. I don't know if this is because I'm not usually a fan of white backgrounds on fabric or whether it was still expensiveness-related grumping, but once I'd teamed it with this blazer (from one of Sarah's wardrobe clearouts) and a pair of Irregular Choice and my current favourite necklace, I didn't feel quite so bad about it.

Thinking about it logically for a second, even though I'd never spent this much on fabric before, I'd not think twice about spending £45 on a dress in a high street store, would I? At £22/m, it is pricey compared to most of the £12/m fabrics on a lot of the websites I favour, but it is a lovely quality.

And, have you seen the print? It's basically the best Wardrobe Zoo fabric I've ever seen. A zoo-full of animals, wearing shoes and clothes. My favourite part is the elephant which is carrying a trunk. Probably exactly what my friend had in mind when she came up with the phrase in the first place!

I guess I should probably hang onto it, right?


  1. Nah, it's awful, you'll just have to sell it to me! ;-) Darn it, she knows I'm lying!!!! Seriously, its beautiful!!!! I love it on you!!!! Annoying thigh, when you find something cheaper immediately! X

    1. yeah, I think that's where my dissatisfaction of the whole dress comes from.

  2. That fabric is amazing, what a fab design.
    I guess you have to revel in the fact you went to Liberty and had the whole 'experience', which I find it always is, (love that store...hated the TV programme), which you wouldn't get buying it over the internet.
    You surely aren't really thinking of getting rid of it???
    How was the dentist? Okay I hope!
    Z xx

    1. To be honest, I'd never been to the store before and the staff could not have been more helpful. It's a lovely store..I haven't seen the programme, though. I was thinking of charity shopping it, but I don't know that I could bear to part with it.

  3. I love the fabric Char! Quite the wise investment :) x

    1. Thanks - I think it's growing on me.

  4. It looks absolutely amazing so you definitely have to hold on to it! That print is the best thing I've ever seen! Amazing! It really does look fantastic on you and you've done a wonderful job on it. Also, I love your shoes! xx

    1. I shall hold onto it, I'm not sure I could bring myself to let go of it anyway..

  5. super cute shoes :)