Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday Shoes 046: Iron Fist Buns N Roses

Picture 005
Picture 003
Picture 004

Quite a while back now, Schuh tweeted a link to some flat Mary Janes with this amazingly oddball rabbit/unicorn hybrid print on them. Of course, I should have known that they were Iron Fist and soon started seeing the same print pop up in lots of different styles.

My favourite by far are the wedges version. As soon as I saw them online I placed an order and the print is just as fabulously crazy in real life. Bunnies with unicorn horns? Random indeed.

The wedges themselves are true to size, as I find with most Iron Fist pairs, and they have dainty ankle straps and a cute bow detail which, along with the peep toe detail to the front, was the decision-making factor as to why I chose these over the regular court version.

What do you make of the unicorn bunnies?