Monday, 19 May 2014

Tokyo Apples..

Lace Coat: Warehouse*
Bowtiful Heels: Irregular Choice*
Dress: Handmade (Christine Haynes Emery bodice w/gathered skirt)
Apple Necklace: Topshop

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I've certainly enjoyed the weather and have managed to cram so much into the past couple of days that it's truly sped by. I spent a good chunk of time at the allotment on both days and have a post planned soon - I'm by no means an expert but think it would be nice to record my progress.

This is my latest dress creation. I was able to make something for myself last night as I'd finished off all of the projects I've been making for others and chose this fabric from my stash. I have so much collected at the moment; I need more time to sew! Anyway, I made up this Emery bodice and added a gathered skirt, popped a zip in and hemmed away and I was done - not bad for a couple of hours on a Sunday evening. Apparently the print of the fabric is "Bears in Tokyo", but it looks more like Paris to me and I'm not quite sure where the moose come in.

Unlike some of my recent makes, I couldn't wait to wear this one, and put it on this morning with an old favourite pair of shoes and necklace, and finishing off with what may be my favourite coat, ever.

I mean, I know it's no secret that I'm a bit of a coat-aholic. So much so, in fact, that my unofficial shopping buddy, Sarah has even been known to message me the words: "No. More. Coats." when I've spotted another one which has caught my eye. I don't think I'd have listened to her about this one, though. What can I say: "My name is Char and I have a coat addition."

I'll admit, it all started innocently enough. I was on the Warehouse website, looking at all of their pretty dresses. I clicked on the New In section, and all of a sudden this lace beauty caught my eye in the coat section. I tried to forget about it, but something made me bookmark the link, and later that week I added it to my Friday Favourites post. I guess the rest is history.

When it arrived, I was struck by how pretty the colour is in real life. Ticking all of the boxes for the current pastel trend, the lace is a beautiful pale blue. The lace fabric is a wonderful texture, which is always a winner in my book - I love a mixture of texture. The coat itself is lightweight, making it perfect as a cover up for summer BBQ evenings. It's fully lined in the same colour, and fastens with some large flat poppers, although I don't know that I'll wear it done up that often. I rather like the way it looks sort of oversized, layered up over a dress.

In summary, I absolutely love this coat, and would certainly not hesitate to recommend it. It's cut in a classic 60s style, which combined with the colour is going to make it a timeless addition to my wardrobe - I'm planning to channel the ever-beautiful Liv and her effortless 60s cool when I wear it.

Now, no more coats, I promise*.

*With the possible exception of this yellow trench.


  1. Stunning coat!
    There is a Tokyo Tower; somewhere I have a character doll from there that Mr B got me when he was working out there.
    When I find it I'll post a picture on my blog for you!
    Z xx

    1. Yes, I wore it to Guides last night and most of the girls were telling me it was Japan!

  2. Lovely outfit and the coat is gorgeous. That fabric definitely reminds me of Paris it's lovely :) as is the yellow trench ;)

    1. Haha, I don't even *have* a yellow coat..

  3. Pretty dress! Is this,the Japanese fabric you mentioned in your letter? Gorgeous!!! X

    1. Yep, this is one of them. I've pinned out the other one but not cut it out yet.

  4. Another pretty outfit! Love it all, especially the shoes! There's nothing wrong with having a coat addiction; I love them too, and at least they get regular wear in this country! xx

    1. This is true. Yesterday was so warm and yet today it's grey and miserable. Coat weather once again.

  5. Such a pretty outfit, that coat is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  6. This dress is lovely! I adore the print and the fit- so much so I can't believe it's homemade. Great job!

    Emma x

  7. I presumed it was Paris until you said it was Tokyo.
    The lace coat is gorgeous, definitely not one to have missed!