Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vampires will never hurt you..

Dress: Handmade (NL6223)
Popcorn Bag: Choies*
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Necklace: New Look

As soon as I spotted this fabric online I knew I'd have to make a dress with it to wear with my popcorn bag. I love this bag - it's plenty big enough for the essentials (particularly now that I have made the leap to downsize my purse) and it's no secret that I love a quirky handbag. In fact, I'm planning a post about my collection as I do rather seem to have added to it lately. I'm seriously considering this owl print clutch as well - not quite "novelty", but I love it nonetheless.I've just realised that the popcorn bag also comes in black and gold, if that's more your cup of tea..!

The fabric itself was a nice surprise when it arrived - brighter purple than I'd expected and I really love all the little details on the vampires. Now I really want to go watch a movie - I can't think how long it's been since I ate cinema popcorn. I've got a bit of a love for it, despite knowing how disgusting it really is. My usual cinema doesn't seem to sell popcorn, although you can take all kinds of other fancy snacks in with you - I guess it's a little more upmarket than the local multiplex and that is certainly reflected in the clientele. No noisy teens throwing popcorn, here. (Presumably because they don't sell it).

Are there even any good movies out at the moment?


  1. Love the dress, the fabric is ace. There haven't been any films out for ages that I've actually wanted to watch, although I have been to a couple of the NT Live screenings... Saw King Lear last week which I loved xx

  2. Fabric with a print like that is the reason i really need to learn to sew! The book i won in your giveaway arrived, can't wait to start reading it. Thanks again :)


  3. That fabric is amazing I love it. Your bag and shoes are also amazing :)

  4. I'm not a fan of vampires at all but these ones are cuuuuuute! X

  5. I still really want that popcorn bag! It's amazing. That dress is another winner, too. You look fantastic!

    There seem to be a few good films out or due out at the mo. I think I'll be going to see Godzilla this week, and I'm looking forward to The Long Way Down, and The Fault in Our Stars (which I still need to read). I never get popcorn at the cinema because I always seem to choke on it there. If I get food at the cinema, it's usually some ice cream. xx