Saturday, 7 June 2014

I don't wanna be the blame, not anymore..

Picture 072
Cardigan: F+F
Picture 077
Necklace: eBay
Picture 066
Dress: ASOS
Picture 076
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Picture 075

I have to admit, this outfit came together purely because I was clearing out my wardrobe and therefore trying things on to decide whether or not to keep them and I was also trying out my new camera. I'm still working my way through most of the settings and most definitely need to sort myself out a tripod / remote, I think.

This dress is one I'd totally forgotten about - I vaguely recall buying it and a few others from ASOS when I'd only just discovered their site. It's a lovely print but being strapless and elasticated, it's way too big now and was falling down at the bust - not ideal. For that reason, I've added it to my Instagram sale page, along with more and more items all the time. I do seem to be ruthlessly clearing out at the moment, which can only be a good thing!

I'm keeping the shoes, though. Despite being kitten heels, I love the colour, the contrasting trim and most of all, the little tortoise charm. Still loving this bargain necklace as well!

Do you like clearing out? I'm currently finding it quite refreshing, although have to admit it's scary the amount of things I'd totally forgotten I owned...


  1. I am all up for a mass culling & clear out session this week & might well have to have a bit of a sale moment; boost funds whilst massively culling things. Can't be bad I figure, plus sometimes you need a life overhaul & chance to revamp. In my opinion at least. You look lovely even if you are selling the dress. x

    1. Thanks, L! I'm trying to be as ruthless as possible, even getting rid of any of my beloved shoe collection which no longer fits before I move, which will hopefully be soon!

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  3. You look so pretty in that dress! It's gorgeous! I love the colour of the cardigan, too. xx

    1. Thanks! I decided that it wasn't worth trying to alter it, though, and that the bra-flashing look wasn't a good one, so I'm getting rid of the dress.

  4. That third picture is particularlyl lovely! Sweet, shy smile! The outfit looks lovely! I really like it. x

    1. Thanks! I'm afraid the dress was just too big, being elasticated at the bodice, so it's one for the clearout.