Monday, 2 June 2014

#Irregularchoicechallenge Days 64-81

ICC Days 64-72
ICC Days 73-81

I'm still going strong with my Irregular Choice challenge, and since I caught up on my collages this morning I decided to post another round up. This brings me right up to date as today is Day 81. I still have no idea how many more pairs I have, but it's still a lot.

I've actually not bought anything new for a while now. Obviously being away at camp meant no shopping, but even so during May I seem to have bought very little. I guess that was down to #MMMay14 in part, as there was little point in buying new dresses if I could only wear my own for the course of the month.

That said, I wandered through some of the shops yesterday armed with some birthday vouchers and just didn't feel inspired by anything I saw. I ended up buying two pairs of shorts from H&M with that voucher, and one of those is for the gym. Nothing else. I mean, I saw a lot of dresses, but dismissed them all on the basis that they were either the wrong shape or poor quality, or overpriced (by which I mean I could make something similar, more my style and that the cost of the fabric would be a lot cheaper). Is sewing my own stopping me from shopping? I guess time will tell, but it's sure making me more fussy. The other thing it's definitely doing is making me more ruthless - I need wardrobe space for my newly made dresses so I've been clearing out - again. My IG sale page is restocked and you can take a look here.

Anyway, on to the shoes. I've finally worn Bowtiful, and my Flopsy heels which I was saving for my birthday. I seem to have worn more kitten heels than actual heels. Whilst I'd always say I don't like kitten heels, that doesn't seem to have stopped me from collecting a large number of IC ones.

May's funny weather has seen sandals (cute chunky hearts!) and ice cream print shoes on sunny days, and cowgirl print boots for rainy drizzly days. I've worn a couple of my pairs of Blythes, which I wrote about here.

Any favourites?


  1. On my phone so can't see clearly but I like the look of the first pair and the heart sandals and the boots and those spotty ones x

    1. The black and white polka dots are such a classic!

  2. Loving pair 73, my favourites.

    X x

    1. I was so pleased at how comfortable they were for being so high!

  3. Replies
    1. Aw, Bowtiful have had a lot of love since I bought them!

  4. I want to live inside your wardrobe, please.