Wednesday, 11 June 2014

#Irregularchoicechallenge Days 82-90

Time for another round up post already! My Irregular Choice challenge is still going strong and I'm up to Day 90. I have worn some pairs (Day 82 and 87) in this batch which I've decided to part ways with - one because they're just too big and loose on my feet, and the sandals because I'm really self-conscious about the misshapen shape of my feet, which I feel the parrot sandals drew attention to as the cut outs were just in the wrong place.  It's such a shame as I love the print, but they're winging their way to a new home where I'm sure they'll get more love.

Day 88 was funny. I look at this box so often and genuinely thought I'd worn them before, but when I came to them Monday I realised that I can't possibly have as I'd have remembered the funny dungaree-style fastenings.

Information on most of the pairs (names etc) still eludes me but I was pleased for a chance to wear my pink boots in the thundery madness which was Saturday's weather.

If you want to look back on which pairs I've worn so far, check out these posts:


  1. Ah, shame about the parrots but I understand, I'm not totally happy about flashing my feet either x

    1. It's weird, they have become a little oddly shaped what with all of the heels I've worn, I think and some parts of them really don't lend theirselves to sandals like that. It's annoying. Also when I bought the parrot sandals my feet probably weren't such a mess :(