Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Round Up..


May's been a funny old month, in my opinion. On the one hand, it seemed to start off and threaten to be never-ending, whilst on the other, partaking in the #MMMay14 challenge, it seems to have sped by. One minute I was panicking that I'd not have enough outfits to wear something handmade and different each day for a month, then all of a sudden I'm at the end of it. I'm not sure I'll do a separate round-up post for that because some of the outfits I put together were ones I ended up hating, but I've added a selection to the top photo and have posted every day's on my Instagram feed. If you're on IG, I've also set up a sale page account this month, which is where I'm posting my frequent wardrobe clearouts.
Picture 208
Picture 025
Picture 207
Bronze Angel Haircomb: Glitzy Secrets*

Glitzy Secrets set me a challenge this month as well: to use one of their pretty hair combs to recreate a style based on Grace of Monaco. I'm no good with hair styles - mine seems to have two states: up or down. Nonetheless, I gave it a go and whilst i'm not sure how Grace-ful I look, (see what I did there?) I really like the comb and will be using it more often to add a little sparkle to my boring hair!

  Picture 209

Other things of note in birthday. One present (and something I've been researching and wanting for a while now) was my new camera - no more silly blurred photos when the old camera decides not to play ball. I went for the Canon EOS 1200D and if I'm honest, I'm still not sure what the majority of settings do, but I'm really tempted to book myself onto one of the Jessops academy courses and learn. For now, though, automatic is working well for me.

Picture 210
Picture 201
Half term week in May has traditionally been our guides camp week for the last few years and this year was no exception. Last minute sewing to finish off our new flag and camp neckers, we had a pirate theme and some nice weather on the first day - not so much on the next few days. A bittersweet experience for me as it's my last guide camp with this unit, as I'm finishing at the end of next month.

Picture 213

Just the one disaster on camp - someone didn't notice this ancient kettle when they were driving in through the gate to pick some equipment up for us. Anyone for a flat white? (Disclaimer: I've been trying to think of something witty to say about this for the past two days and this is the best of a bad lot). I feel I'm going to be in trouble for this one, but at the same time, at least I didn't get concussion, which has happened to me twice in the past on guide camp. I did get plenty of opportunity to play with the new camera, though.

Picture 073
Picture 172Picture 075

Picture 212
Sadly not all of the days on camp were such nice weather - everything came home covered in mud!
Picture 203
Probably the trickiest thing I've ever sewn was this - a Popple, for a friend. I could hardly believe how many pieces it was made up of, but it was rather exciting to see it all come together.

Picture 204
Other things this month have been enjoying the yummy salads which seem to suit some of the weather we've been having.
Picture 205

At Rangers, we have decorated elephants which are going to form part of a county-wide elephant trail, arranged by Girlguiding in the county as a bit of a PR stunt. I'm looking forward to seeing our elephants dotted around the county for people to find!

Picture 214

Birthday meant presents for me, but also a giveaway, which you still have plenty of time to enter if you'd like to.

What did you get up to in May?


  1. Another busy month for you then! I loved the #MMMay challenge, especially as you teamed it with your IC challenge too, I think you've done incredibly well.
    Hope you had a fab Birthday.
    I spent far too much of the month working but I'm planning on taking it a bit easier in June...

    1. I don't remember the last time I didn't have a busy month!

  2. Oooh, a lovely post!! Lots of great things here! Happy birthday for whenever the actual day was and many happy returns! Guide camp sounds fun though not sure how I'd have felt camping in the rain! X

    1. Camping in the rain isn't so bad so long as it's not raining until after you've put up your tent and got your things away!

  3. Guide camp looks great, if a bit muddy! Pirate neckers sound brilliant!

    1. It was great really, a little rain never hurt anyone!

  4. Oooh pretty dresses!
    I would definitely go on a course for the camera :) It's worth learning about depth of field and so on. I know how to use the SLR settings but rarely do! Really must push myself to do so.

    1. I definitely am going to find out some more about them.

  5. Gosh loads of beautiful dresses Char, you really are very talented. Hope you had a great birthday. Loving the popple, my eldest loved hers as a kid.

    1. Haha, I have fond memories of the TV show but making that Popple was tricky business.