Saturday, 21 June 2014

Review: Irregular Choice Magic Pony

Picture 290
Irregular Choice Magic Pony bag
Picture 292
Picture 293

I wanted to share some more photos of my Magic Pony bag from Irregular Choice as I've been really impressed with it.

Whilst I have quite a huge collection of the shoes, I've not been so crazy mental about the bags, and whilst I have some, most of them date back a few years.I think the reason I've not bought so many lately is that it's quite hard to tell things like sizes from the photos online and none of the styles have really been my cup of tea. I have my robot shopper bag which is up there with my favourite bags but since then, there's not been as much that I like.

Magic Pony drew me in with the combination of textures and the background fabric, as well as the unicorn detail to the front of course. I really like the metallic blue base and strap detail which match the blue in the unicorns and to be honest, the fabric is what helped me decide to go for this one rather than the other colourways available, which I cant' find on the website anymore but were more of a paint splatter effect. Gem has some fab photos of her blue version here.

Anyway, I finally decided on this one as I'm having a bit of a jacquard moment lately - I seem to be drawn to cute textures and prints so this fabric was a winner. Plus, I do think that the mix of colours will make it suitable for just about every outfit, so I have no excuse not to get plenty of wear from it!

It's a great size and fits plenty of the essentials in; I can even fit my Kindle in which makes it perfect for travelling just about anywhere. I like that the matching strap is easily detachable as sometimes I want a large clutch to finish an outfit off rather than a shoulder strap.

I'm really pleased with it, can you tell?