Thursday, 5 June 2014

Who wants an awkward silent mystery?

Picture 024
Dress: Handmade (Gather Kits "Mortmain")
Picture 028
Necklace: eBay
Picture 026
Picture 027
Heels: Poetic Licence
I'm trying to force myself to get back on track after yesterday's post. There is no point wallowing indefinitely after all, and things still need to be done.

I made this, my very first Mortmain dress, a little while ago now. I put it away in advance of Me Made May and had almost completely forgotten about it until it was coming towards the end.

I was very kindly given this fabric by Roisin when I saw her a while ago, hence my decision to use it for my first Mortmain, as  I always associate that pattern with her. I really love the waistband detail on this pattern; it seems to be fairly flattering and it sets it apart from a lot of my other current go-to patterns, which can look a bit samey.

I picked out the purple in the print here with these shoes (which I've not worn for a long time and are quite definitely too big for me now), which I bought from the Irregular Choice shop many years ago.  It was my first visit to the shop itself and I remember coming home with about six pairs as there'd been a sale on and I'd been saving up for a while for that trip!

Can I just mention this necklace, too. An absolute steal from eBay; it was £5.99 from a seller based in HK and I think it's fab. Very similar to a lot of things I've seen lately. I can't decide how I should feel about ordering things from places like Hong Kong. I was showing a friend the other day and she was telling me that I should feel guilty for ordering from overseas when I could have just as easily found something locally. Whether that's the case or not, I'm not sure. What do you think? Does it make a difference considering that most of our high street products are also produced overseas and imported..?


  1. Very cute dresss!!! I really like it and the novelty print is super fun! I'm not sure about the whole international thing- my bridesmaids' peacock feather headbands came from HongKong I think - I would never have found those without seeing those online otherwise or had the budget for anything like it from the UK. I think the only issue I might have is with the ethics if something was produced in a way that was cruel to animals but as you say, loads of our products come from there anyway and you in particular support our British industry in a bloomin strong way so it's a bit cheeky of your friend to say that to you!x

    1. Yeah, I guess that's a good point and maybe something which isn't as obvious to find out about like say, cruelty in the UK industries would be.

  2. This outfit is perfect in so many ways!
    As for ordering something from HK... I say everything in moderation, you support local and UK retailers so I think you can give yourself a pass on this one.

    1. I guess that's true. I do try to support local businesses where I can.