Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Favourites 102..

Polar loop_three_colors
001: Polar Loop Activity Tracker, £84.50
Nike Rally Grey Short
002: Nike Rally Shorts, £23.24
This week, other than wishing daily for a few more hours sleep, I've been mostly longing for a couple of new additions to my gym kit.

001: I try to make sure I do something every day, whether it's a swim before work, a spinning class, kettlebells or just a weights and cardio workout in the gym. On the days that I'm in the gym, I try to make sure that I've used my Polar watch to record my calories burnt and then transfer that information over to my MyFitnessPal app. Which, frankly, is a bit of a faff. Plus, obviously I don't wear my HRM for the other things I do, like hours of gardening at the allotment (and I'm too scaredy to wear it in the pool).

Reading Rosie's review of the Polar Loop gave me the answer, though. If I had one of these, it would track absolutely everything I do during the day, making it a lot easier to stick to the diet and giving me messages of encouragement when I need to do a little more. Sounds like it could be the answer to my weight-loss woes as I feel as though I'm doing nothing but plateauing lately.

002: I've recently decided that even though I hate my legs, it's becoming impossibly warm to wear my fleece-lined tracksuit trousers for spin classes and Metafit. It just gets too warm in the dance studio, particularly with the recent humid weather, which meant that going outside to cool down between sets did not have any effect, at all!

I therefore think I need to be brave and bite the bullet and add some shorts to my collection of gym clothes. I'll just have to hope that nobody notices my horrible legs.

What are you wishing for this week?


  1. Love the Nike shorts, they are perfect for workout, I have a similar pair :)

    1. I think I definitely need some as it's getting too hot in the gym of late.

  2. I'm intrigued by the polar loop. Anything to get my ass in gear can only be a good thing.

    1. I think it looks really good. Will have to save up for it.