Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday Favourites 103..

Wooden Vintage Fashion Lady Brooch
001: Wooden Vintage Fashion Lady Brooch, Ladybird Likes, £9
Olivia Flamingo Print Co-ord
002: Olivia Flamingo Print Co-ord, Inthestyle, £29.99
This week has sped by so quickly - it doesn't seem like a week can possibly have passed since our stall at the village fete last weekend. I've not got a lot of sewing done this week, although my fabric wishlist seems to have grown exponentially in the past few days. I am trying hard to use up what I have before I allow myself to buy any more.

In a similar vein, I'm trying hard to clear some wardrobe space - I have been adding a few more things to my Instagram sale page, if you'd like to take a look. I'm working on the principle that I have to clear some space before I can allow myself to buy anything new. (Kind of).

But these are a couple of things I would sort of like to make an exception for..and they're only small, after all.

001: Ladybird Likes is a fab little etsy shop; one of my favourites, and this vintage fashion lady has stolen my heart a little. I love that her coat reminds me of my Tara Starlet one. 

002: I've still not yet been brave enough to buy into this co-ord trend, but thus far, this flamingo print set is hands down my favourite of all the ones I've seen. I'd not heard of Inthestyle until I saw this set retweeted, but I really love the print and I'm kind of tempted. I'm just worried that the shorts will be too short for my liking.

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. I really need a clear out, so many dresses that don't fit me anymore. Love that set, you should definitely order it and see what it looks like on. I'm just trying to fit into all my old clothes at the moment, only got a handful of things that fit me which is annoying x

    1. Trouble with the majority of mine is that they're now too big, and I'm not so good at altering clothes to retain their shape so I'm getting rid and buying new.

  2. OMG those co-ords are amazing!! I wish they came in my size! You need them! xx

  3. Love that flamingo print set x

    1. I@m just not convinced it's going to suit me.

  4. That flamingo set is very Moschino inspired, it's lovely! That brooch's gorgeous!