Saturday, 5 July 2014

#Irregularchoicechallenge Days 91-108

ICC Days 91-99
ICC Days 100-108

It seems like rather a while since I last did a round-up post of how the #irregularchoicechallenge is going. It's still going and I've passed the Day 100 mark with a large number still to go. I still don't know how many exactly.

It has been getting more difficult remembering which shoes I haven't yet worn for the challenge, and I've found myself checking back through my photos to make sure I've not yet worn a pair.

Again, wearing some of these has made me decide to part ways with them. Days 93 and 94 have been donated to charity as nobody else wanted them either. I found the straps on the sandals too tight around my ankle and yet the rest of them too big, and I'm not sure what it is about the Geisha heels, I just decided I wasn't a fan.

Day 106 was an outfit combination I had planned in advance; I saved this pair to wear with this dress.
Day 107 are a pair which don't get worn enough, I always forget I have them and then remember how much I love them when I rediscover them, and this occasion was no exception.

Day 105 is the only pair in this batch which was new since the challenge started.

Previous round ups can be seen here:


  1. Day 96 are very pretty. I love everything about day 107.
    I'm watching two pairs of ICs on eBay at the moment - keep your fingers crossed for me!

    1. OOh, I hope you got them!!
      I think outfit 107 was my favourite so far.

  2. I can't believe you've passed a hundred days and you still have more pairs to wear! Your IC collection is amazing! xx

  3. I cannot believe you have over 100 pairs of ICs! That's a lot of shoes!!!! I found a pair like day 108 in a charity shop last week, except they were black and had little charms, like a treble clef, bow and hat in my size. Unfortunately I didn't like the two toe thing and also they were £10 which seemed a lot for a pair of shoes in not so good condition so I didn't buy them!

    If you do decide to sell any others, I know you are doing them on IG which I am not on, but could you put them on your blog page too please? xx

    1. Will do!!
      The mushroom toe is a bit of a funny one, isn't it.

  4. So. Many. Shoes.
    It is just the most amazing collection.
    Z xx

    1. i know, I was saying to the people on Instagram that I'm not sure whether I'm proud or a little embarrassed. And I still have plenty more to go...