Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Favourites 115..

Twiggy M+S Faux Fur
001: Twiggy for M+S Faux Fur Coat, £99
Miss L'Fire Gabrielle
002: Miss L'Fire Gabrielle Heels, £116.99
This week has certainly seen the start of coat weather. Particularly when I was in Newcastle for a meeting - it's certainly a lot colder a few hours further north.

001: As I clearly don't have enough coats already, I think it's probably high time I added this one to my collection. It's the perfect length, a beautiful shape and as for the colour..well, it's perfect. I really love this, and am so glad it's back on the website as I've been struggling to find it in my local M+S.

002: Autumn for me is a season which lends itself to all of the leafy green shades, purples and most of all mustard. These Miss L'Fire mustard heels caught my eye as being perfect to wear with a pair of opaque tights and a a dress!

What's caught your eye this week? Do you have any essential Autumn purchases lined up?


  1. I like the mustard shoes, pretty colour. I'd actually like some mustard brogues if I could get them.
    I want a new black, short skater skirt as the Ted Baker a-line buttoned one I resurrected from the cull pile for today reaaaaaally doesn't fit me, it twists round as I wear it so the buttons are at the back. I was furious with it by 9am!!! X

    1. ooh, mustard brogues would be lovely!

  2. It still feels like Summer down south! On Tuesday, it was in the mid twenties and felt like a summer's day! We're not even close to coat season here, but I wish we were because that coat looks so cosy. Love the heels, too. xx

  3. That coat is cute. We've had our heating on for a while, but this weekend has definitely felt more winter like. Heating is 'properly' on now and was blowing a gale all day.

    1. Oh gosh, I;ve not had my heating on for about 5yrs!