Sunday, 9 November 2014

Watermelon salad.

Necklace: River Island
Dress: Joules
Toadstool Heels: Irregular Choice
Cardigan: New Look

Clutch Bag: New Look (gift)
These photos are from a little while ago, mostly because this week I think I can count the hours of sleep I've had on one hand and I've not managed to fit in any time to take photos.

I wasn't a fan of this outfit when I wore it and frankly I'm still not. I've since got rid of the dress as it was just too big.

The dress is one which came from Joules many years ago and I've always loved the print and the cutesy traffic light coloured buttons down the front. The watermelon clutch was added as a kind of nod to matching colours and the shoes the same. I picked this necklace up years ago in the River Island sale because it reminded me of a tacky one which used to reside our dressing up box when my sister and I were kids.

Do you ever find yourself drawn to things which remind you of things?


  1. The clutch and the shoes are lovely, and yep, often I've seen cardigans or dresses in colours or prints which remind me of something from my childhood, such as a film or a book and I've bought them on account of that one factor! It's comforting to me sometimes. I think this outfit looks lovely on you by the way, but I know the horrible feeling of something being too big, it's never comfortable, but the print looked lovely on you and matched with your accessories well! - Tasha xxx

  2. Ah man, I love the dress, SO cool!!! The watermelon bag makes me sad as I never got mine back from Asda when I accidentally left it behind! You look very pretty. Sorry you are so tired!x

  3. That's a pity, that dress is cute. Yeah I do get drawn to things that remind me of items from the past.

  4. Oh I really like this outfit! You look lovely xx