Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December will be magic again..

I'm sure I'm not the only person who is wondering how it's the end of 2014 already!?! December has been pretty rad, to be fair. Obviously the big excitement was Las Vegas; my first holiday in a lot of years (although work as well).

Vegas, baby! 
Unsure what the face was about here- possibly I didn't like this mocktail?
After Vegas I was pretty poorly and out of action with a kidney infection for a few days, which was pretty rotten. I'd put the pain down to jet lag to begin with but it got worse and I'm not sure I've ever known anything like it. I spent almost three days in bed and hated myself for how behind I was getting with festive preparations.

Jumped on the bandwagon with this Asda bedding

I did manage to find time to sew a few Xmas dresses and to finish icing the Christmas cakes I made last month. 


I also spent a lot of time catching up and socialising with friends. I met one of my best friends and we started a night out at our new favourite crepe cafe. 


I went to visit Sarah and managed to take the wrong present, so ended up having to post it to her anyway in a last minute panic. I did get to see The Best Christmas Jumper Ever, though. 


And I did a bit of shopping. Shocker. What is actually shocking is that I'm planning a shopping-free 2015. More on that soon. 


How did your December go?


  1. My December was v busy, but then it always is! Yours sounds hard and good all in one.Mmmmm crepes!!!
    I hope that 2015 is great for you, no shopping eh?? Wow, I salute you!x

    1. Yep, I know. Bit of a crazy idea, right? But quite a few things have changed lately and I think it would be a good and useful challenge.

  2. Wishing you a very Happy New Year lovely, I can't believe it's almost 2015 already! xo

  3. Ohhhhh, looking forward to hearing about your shopping-free plans!

    1. I'm just writing a post for tomorrow to lay down the rules; I'm actually quite excited about it.

  4. Happy new year, Char! Sorry you got so poorly; i hope you're feeling a lot better now? I got so behind with xmas prep, too, and I got so stressed over it: never again! I will be my normal organised self for the next one. I really want that milkshake clutch... I keep hovering over the sale page but i'm trying to be good... xx

    1. The milkshake clutch is so cute!! I'm feeling so much better now, thank you. So nice to be back to my normal self.

  5. The cake looks great, how did it taste? I enjoyed mine! Vegas sounds like it was amazing... X

    1. It tasted pretty good. I gave one to a friend and received no complaints, and just about everyone who came around during the past few weeks was given a piece. :)