Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tuesday Titles 030..

A Special Delivery
A Special Delivery by Clare Dowling
Every family has its ups and downs ...
Aisling Brady is miserable. So is her husband Mossy. The three kids are too. Yet nobody dares say a thing. Instead the Bradys keep their heads down and grimly look forward to another miserable Christmas in Dublin.
What Aisling doesn't know is that this year, they will get the most unexpected gift of all. One that will bring joy and heartbreak, hope and a string of sleepless nights.
As their world is turned upside down, questions have to be asked. But are the Bradys ready to face the truth about themselves? And what each of them has done?

I have to admit, I found this one a struggle to catch my interest. Set in Dublin, the Bradys seem on the surface to be your typical Irish family. There are the usual family squabbles you'd expect from a handful of tween and teenage siblings and a long-suffering set of parents, whose marriage seems to be showing signs of cracking at the edges.

But when a baby is left on their doorstep, Aisling's motherly instinct takes over and she thinks this may be just what her family needs to bring them all back together. Will it work? Understandably, husband Mossy thinks that they need to find out why the baby was left with them, but Aisling is reluctant to get the guards involved.

Through the book it becomes apparent that each of the Brady family have their own secrets from the rest of the family and drama unfolds as these are discovered. On the whole it's a fairly safe read; nothing too gritty, but not hugley gripping either.


  1. So maybe one to miss then? Shame, it sounds like it had potential!x

    1. Yeah, it wasn't the best thing I've read lately.