Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday Favourites 128..

001: Wolford Rice Dot Tights, £31
ASOS dinosaur tights
002: ASOS Dinosaur tights, £8
003: Pretty Polly Opaque Coloured Hold Ups, £33

This week it's been so cold that I'm all about the pretty hosiery. I seem to have amassed quite the collection of coloured opaque and patterned tights, but I also am finding that the tights curse is still upon me as I seem to only be able to get one or two days wear from a pair before I ladder them, which is quite annoying.

Here are the pairs I'd love to add to my collection (if money was no object and if I wasn't on a spending ban)..

001: I love polka dot tights, but these ones even more so because the dots are purple - so cute! I'd layer them with a pair of lace ankle socks and some brogues, I think.

002: I'm sure these need no explanation - dinosaurs!

003: I'm really loving hold ups, lately and fancy teaming these with some clashing heels, like in the photo.

Am I the only one suffering from this tights curse? Has anything caught your eye this week?


  1. DINOSAURS! I wear M&S 3 pack 40 denier ones most days and they last for ages xx

    1. My go to are all M&S ones and then pretty ones (for when it's much warmer) Primark are great. I love the Dinosaurs, but wish they were lower down, it's so cold, I'm only wearing long dresses atm.

  2. I'm rubbish with sheer tights, that's why I rarely wear them!! The dinosaurs are really cure. X

  3. I always love those ones with a pattern high up on the thigh, but they are ALWAYS hidden under my dresses, because I never wear anything too short. Those polka dots are cute, but I'd cry if I put my finger through them at that price.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I've started wearing them with flat shoes and slightly shorter hemlines, but even so have a few pairs which I'll never make the most of the design because it's just too high up on the leg.

  4. OMG those dinosaur tights are amazing! Want! xx