Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday Favourites 130..

Feb 2015
001: Bata Miralambo Boots, £45.55
GP Star Anise Bag
002: Star Anise Beaded Clutch Bag, £45
This week is all about lovely accessories. Catching my eye this week has been this fabulous pair of ankle boots. I love grey leather boots, I think because my Nan had a pair of grey leather boots which I remember loving to prance around in when I was small and they've kind of been something I've been looking for ever since. 

001: The colour of these ones is perfect. They do zip up at the back of the heel, which is something which sort of scares me a little, ever since watching a particularly gruesome horror film, but that's just the way my weird brain works. They're a great height, too. 

002: I'm really loving beaded and embellished details. This isn't news; I'm always more likely to be drawn to something if you stick some sequins or stitch a few beads onto it. 
This bag is from Great Plains and I think it's just the right combination of spring colours with a retro nod - the beading makes me think 70s for some reason. The perfect springtime finishing touch. 

What new things have been catching your eye this week?


  1. I always find I have to size up in those shoes/boots that zip up the back. I kinda hold my breath for fear of pinching my skin whenever I zip them up!!

    1. They terrify me as I'm always worried about getting my skin caught in them. Not that I've ever done that, but it worries me nonetheless.