Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday Favourites 131..

Book of Deer AW14 4

This week, aside from wishing for a few more hours of shut-eye, I'm sort of wishing I was living in Book of Deer's AW14 lookbook. I'm so very excited to see the new SS15 Country Kitchen prints, but there are so many pieces from the last collections which I'm still wishing for at the moment...

001: Janis Nightshade Jacket, $62.50

001: I love the way that the hood and sleeve details on the Janis jacket give it a sort of elfen, ethereal feel. Plus, I'm always a fan of a quirky print and so I absolutely love the way these floral prints have something else drawn into them - the nightshade print has a mixture of lampshades, which I think is rather wonderful.
002: Grizzly Skirt, $63
Grizzly emb

002: As the founder of the Wardrobe Zoo concept, I sort of feel that it's wrong that my zoo doesn't yet contain any bears. I love the way this girly, flippy, grizzly bear skirt has the tiny little bear embroidery all over it. How cute would this be with a pair of tights and ankle boots whilst the weather is still cold. Please be mine, bears.. 
003: Odetta Vinyl Dress, $57.80

003: Another pretty print on a delicate, feminine dress. Again, this one gives me springtime vibes, and I can imagine it layered pinafore-style over a lace top. 

How would you wear these? And what are you wishing for this week?


  1. That Grizzly skirt is just beautiful and I NEED that dress!

    Maria xxx

    1. Isn't it beautiful - I love the prints.

  2. I'm not sure I have any bear printed things either...I do have a big grizzly bear ring from Topshop though. I looove that lookbook photo, so pretty. How are you getting on without spending when you see all these fab new season things?

    1. To be fair, I may have to cut down on the wishlist posts as it's really not helping the spending ban.

  3. I haven't yet got a bear print in my wardrobe zoo, either... I think we both need one! I love bears. The skirt is really cute, and the jacket is gorgeous. xx

  4. Love that little jacket.Omigosh,I am going to haveto try making something similar ❤️

    1. It's such a cute shape - I love the sleeves.