Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tuesday Titles 036: A Week in Paris..

A Week in Paris
A Week in Paris by Rachel Hore

The streets of Paris hide a dark past...

September, 1937. Kitty Travers enrols at the Conservatoire on the banks of the Seine to pursue her dream of becoming a concert pianist. But then war breaks out and the city of light falls into shadow.

Nearly twenty-five years later, Fay Knox, a talented young violinist, visits Paris on tour with her orchestra. She barely knows the city, so why does it feel so familiar? Soon touches of memory become something stronger, and she realises her connection with these streets runs deeper than she had ever expected. 

As Fay traces the past, with only an address in an old rucksack to help her, she discovers dark secrets hidden years ago, secrets that cause her to question who she is and where she belongs...

I'll start by saying that whilst I found this book perfectly enjoyable, I would say that was as good as it got. The story flicks between Kitty and Fay's stories in dual time, following their stays in Paris. Unfortunately, I didn't find that either of their characters particularly spoke to me.

Both musicians, Kitty and Fay have found themselves in Paris for that reason, and the similarities between their lives doesn't stop there. Their relationships blossom in the same way as each other, whilst in the city of romance. Fay spends a lot of her time in Paris trying to establish why she feels such a strong connection to the place, almost as though she has lived there before and thankfully manages to track down some people who can help her.

Kitty's tale describes the Paris during WWII, with harrowing accounts of the poverty and dreadful living conditions experienced by so many people living in fear at the time.

I felt that the two lives were so very similar at certain points that it could get a little confusing. But a charming, easy read and one to while away a rainy afternoon with.


  1. I'd give this one a try!! Always interesting to see how authors approach musicians x

  2. I've read most of Rachel Hore's back catalogue when I was looking for someone to fill the Kate Morton gap in my reading. I am looking forward to reading this - just because they tend to be my book of choice right now but I have been stockpiling a 'download list' for my holiday in June and this is on it
    Jen x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes

    1. Oh, I think this is the first one of hers I've read. Enjoy!