Saturday, 21 March 2015

Grizzly bear..

Grizzly Bear Skirt: Book of Deer // Shoes: F+F
Cardigan: River Island // Lamp print top: Therapy
Tights + Necklace: H+M // Glasses: London Retro
Oh, hello weekend. How glad am I to see you?! It's been another of those weeks where I feel as though I've not had chance to breathe. With so much to do this weekend, I don't suppose I'll get a lot of opportunity to relax before Monday comes around again, but hey ho.

I was treated to this skirt recently, along with my jam print dress. I absolutely love the luxurious feel of the fabric - the tiny little grizzly bears are embroidered and their detail is incredible. Although it's a mini skirt, it felt long enough for me and is fairly swishy. I decided to go for a complete pattern clash and wear it with my lamp print top, which I matched to the tights.

Today I'm off to a training day, teaching people about social media and showing off the new website I've been working on. Then I have a birthday cake and a couple of sewing projects to finish for tomorrow. Eep.


  1. Ohhh another fabulous skirt Char! Happy Saturday! x

  2. Arent you lucky to have people treating you whilst on the spending ban! That's a nice way of not feeling the austerity too much. The outfit is very sweet and the items go incredibly well together!x

  3. I absolutely love the green of the cardigan together with the purples/reds in the top and tights, great combination!

  4. Close up of the grizzlies please? ;) I love your flats here too xx

  5. Loving the little twirl Char! Good luck on your training day!

    The Story Of Girl

  6. Cute outfit! I especially love the colour of the cardi and the tights. xx