Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday Favourites 147..

Minions Necklace
001: Tatty Devine Minion Dinosaur Necklace, £125
M+S Limited Dress
002: M+S Limited London Face Print Shirt Dress, £45
There have been two things this week which have made me squee with joy. Well, three if you include the fact that a delivery of donuts is on it's way to me to cheer me up - eep!

001: I couldn't be a bigger minion fan, really. I can't even count the number of times I've watched Despicable Me; it's just so awesome. So, when I discovered that Tatty Devine were doing a minion collaboration I was super excited. I have been longing for a Tatty dinosaur necklace for just about forever and a minion one would frankly be even better.

002: The Limited London collection at Marks and Spencer has got so many fabulous statement pieces in it. This face print dress is my favourite. I can imagine it being perfect for summer with a pair of strappy sandals.

Seen anything amazing this week?


  1. OMG, that necklace is AMAZING! Need! Minions make everything better. xx

    1. I love them! Can't wait to go see the movie when it comes out.

  2. This is going to make me sound a total scrooge but I don't get the minion obsession- they're cute but perhaps it is because I haven't seen the movie fully- I watched it with year 1 but was in and out moving things!x

    1. It's okay, I really like it but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.