Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tuesday Titles 049: Snap Happy

Snap Happy by Fiona Walker
I was in two minds about whether or not to post this review, as the book is kind of old now. Then I realised that as it was something I'd read and enjoyed recently, it was still worth sharing.

On the whole, I've always enjoyed Fiona Walker's books. Always fairly light-hearted and generally full of so many lesser characters that you have to pop a post-it note into the page where they all get introduced, en masse, to keep referring back to. (Just me?!)

Snap Happy's main character is Juno. Unconventionally for the modern-day heroines of romantic novels like this, she's larger than your average size 8 stick-insect. She's also an amateur comedienne, which means that the book is peppered with puns and (mostly funny) wordplay.

Her brother, whose London flat she lives in, has arranged a house swap with an American photographer, Jay. Needless to say, he's a potential love interest for Juno, although they don't really get off to the best of starts.

The story is fairly warm and fluffy and the ending is a little predictable, but still an enjoyable read - I'd recommend it if you were after something for a holiday or a long train journey.

Have you read anything great, lately?


  1. I'm actually reading a good fiction book based on the War of the Roses but unusually it is taking me a while to get through, I've been reading it for well over a week!!! X

    1. I'm reading a few books at the same time, mostly because I was reading The Night Circus but it's someone else's book which they've lent to me and i didn't want to take it to the spa day last week in case it got wet from reading by/ in the pool, so I toook something else and started that as well.