Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Blacker than midnight on a moonless night..

Dress: Handmade (Christine Haynes Emery) // Bag: The Whitepepper
Shoes: New Look // Cardigan: Topshop
Brooch: Kate Rowland - stocked at Urban Folk

Oh, this brooch is basically perfect - nothing like a little Twin Peaks reference to finish off an outfit, right? I've been busy sewing. Considering I think it had been about ten weeks since I'd made anything for myself, this is the second dress this week. I seem to go through phases of productivity. 

The fabric was one I'd been eyeing up for a while, checking it was still there every time I went to a John Lewis store and even spied on Goldhawk Road. In the end, I used a voucher towards some and it worked out heaps cheaper to order it from America. Which seems crazy. I love the random collection of woodland swampy items. Bottles of poison and frogs, toadstools, deer and tents? It's a rather lovely mixture of colours as well, I think, with the addition of the limey green which I decided meant I ought to use my dinosaur bag. 

This cardigan is actually one I'd cleared out - I have a big pile of knitwear and such which I'll be adding to the Instagram sale page in the next day or so, so keep an eye on that if you're interested. And as for the shoes, they were a treat at the weekend when shopping with my mama. (As was the brooch.)

So far, it's been a fairly rotten week, emotions getting the better of me. Hopefully it will pick up, as I kind of hate the person that these feelings turn me into. 


  1. I am just loving these shoes on you Char! x

    1. Ah, thank you. I had some jelly shoes last year but they split a little while back and these seemed like a similar looking but more sturdy (hopefully) alternative.

  2. Ahhhh, that is such cute material! I really like it. The dino bag is so cool. I really do think Stegosauruses are the coolest of all the dinosaurs (sorry T-rexes!) xx

    1. Haha, I'm with you there. Which is a little silly, considering my blog name. But Stegasaurus' and Tiaras just didn't seem to have the same ring to it.

  3. This dress is so pretty and I LOVE that bag!

    Maria xxx