Saturday, 8 August 2015

#frockswap15: Ally's skirt..

Skirt: (Ally's) Louche

Iris Blue boots: Irregular Choice

Bow: H+M
Sequin Jacket: F+F
Bag: River Island

 There's been a bit of a delay with the next instalment of my #frockswap15 adventure. But finally, after a little detour to a Yorkshire wedding with Erica, this skirt made it to me, and...sat on my mannequin for a little while waiting for inspiration to strike. For weeks, I'd had this Carrie Bradhaw outfit in my mind to emulate. And then, it kind of didn't really happen.

I sort of used the fur element by digging out this faux fur handbag I've not used since I was in Uni. It's pretty cute, with a lucite bow clasp and a chain strap and it's definitely back on my radar once again, although I remember one of my friends asking me why I was carrying a dead cat around with me when I used to use it regularly...

Anyway, these boots have been waiting patiently for an outing for almost a year now and I'd not yet found the opportunity for them. So I wondered how they would go with a striped top. I kind of like the way nothing really *quite* works and yet the colours kind of tie in with the skirt, the shoes and the top.

And then, y'know, sequins. Just because.

How would you style this skirt up? I'm kind of tempted to have another go at it..


  1. Gorgeous outfit! That skirt is so pretty - I love the colour. :)

    1. Thanks! I'll be sad to send it back to it's owner.

  2. i absolutely ADORE this outfit - you have given the tulle such a French vibe, and i bloody love it. and those shoes?! come on! they're amazing! <3

    1. Thanks!! I still can't quite decide whether I like it or not.

  3. This is a great outfit. I would've put a black fitted jumper and black evening shoes with it, perhaps a beaded clutch too. But your outfit is awesome, very original. I love the stripes and sequins.
    It would also look good with a bandeau top, perhaps in burgundy, with a handful of delicate necklaces. And your green IC frog shoes (or is it Odd Socks Alex who had those?). Anyway loving it!

    1. Ooh, yes I have those frog shoes. I'd not considered those. Will give it another go before I send it back to Ally.

  4. You totally rocked this skirt! I planned to wear it with stripes, but my hips just wouldn't play fair. Yes, I think you should feature this skirt more, it really suits you! xx

    1. I'll definitely give it another go before I send it back to it's home.