Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday Shoes 080: Irregular Choice Tiny Ted

IMG_6055 IMG_6056 

 Oh my. I was surprised by these Tiny Ted heels earlier in the week and can I just say, they've totally stolen my heart.

I'm a real fan of the new style of soles and shoeboxes, This season the theme seems to be leaves, acorns and woodland creatures, matching the fox and mouse on these Forest Pals flats

As for the heels themselves, the first thing I notice is of course the huge soft teddy adorning the front. I love the way he's mirrored on each shoe and looks as though he's waving. The rest of the shoe is covered in this pretty iridescent turquoise fabric, which seems to change colour as the light catches it. 

Of course, the ubiquitous perspex heels make an appearance, in a lovely shade of pale blue. And I love the attention to the little details. The bows on the backs of the shoes, the delicate scalloped edging around the ankle strap and the fronts of the shoes, just add to the cutesy nature of these. I can't wait to wear them.

Irregular Choice Tiny Ted heels*


  1. Aren't you a lucky girl! I suspect if I did a shopping ban for a year that nobody would be buying me Amazing shoes sadly!! The colour is beautiful and I am a huge fan of the perspex heel. Not so keen on the teddies themselves but I can appreciate their cuteness. I'm sure you'll style them beautifully.x

  2. Oh my word! These shoes! I've been eyeing up some irregular choice shoes for a while, I may need to treat myself this month to a pair, they are all just the cutest. x

  3. They. Are. Amazing. Love! xx

  4. I could wear these for about 5 minutes before getting the bear dirty! But they are very cute, and I love the iridescent blue!