Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Creative Process

Recently, I had a little hiatus in sewing. I'm not really sure what brought it on, I didn't have any "throw my machine out of the window" moments of frustration, nothing went wrong, nothing didn't fit when it was finished. It was just all of a sudden about twelve weeks since I'd last made anything. 

Dresses Collage

Well, I sort of managed to break that this past week, I've made quite a few different dresses. In all different styles. I think I've changed a lot since I started really upping my game with making my own clothes. I mean, at one point I was just basically making the same dress (Simplicity 2444) in just about any fabric I could get my hands on.

Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with making the same pattern. I loved using it as my One Week, One Pattern start point, and as my #SewDollyClackett entry. And Sarah is inspiration to us all that there's something wonderful in finding what works for you and sticking to it. I didn't get bored of S2444 and it's still my favourite pattern. 

However, recently I've been thinking more about what I want to get from the fabric in my stash. Since the start of the spending ban, I've been taking my sewing inspiration from all kinds of places. When I see a dress I like these days, where in the past I'd have just ordered it, now I'm thinking about the best way of recreating it, or at the very least using the elements I love as a start point. Sometimes this can be as simple as making my own version of the Cath Kidston penguin dress (see here), or it can be something like wanting to recreate the mix of patterns and textures in a dress I've seen, like this pretty Coast dress.

Coast Lucianna Dress £195

I suppose this is a much smaller scale version of the type of thing high street stores do when they're planning their upcoming collections. I saw this video about the AW15 styles which Coast have got planned, and it was quite lovely to see that they seem to do the same kind of thing. Plans, sketches and embellishments to add detail. Very similar but on a larger scale: it's nice to see I'm not alone in the way I think lately. 

Where do you take your inspiration from? 


  1. I always find your sewing inspirational! Your new makes are beautiful and you should be proud of yourself.x

    1. Thank you so much, that's such a kind thing to say!