Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday Favourites 159..

001: Bocage Abby brogues. £131.55
002: Bocage Zely satchel. £136.67
003: Mellow Yellow Marine boots, £135.20

 It seems as though there's no escaping Autumn. It's here, so now we just have to make the best of it, right?

I'm thinking that the very best way to approach it would be with pretty new Autumnal accessories. Well, a girl can dream...

001: I just love these star adorned brogues. The mix of gold and black and stars makes me think of the festive season (I think they remind me of a party dress I had when I was about six) and I can imagine them teamed with a pair of thick berry coloured tights.

002: Satchels = yay! Particularly metallic crackled effect leather ones. So shiny and plenty big enough to carry all of the essentials. 

003: These boots have caused a bit of a divide of opinion between my best friends. I'm really drawn to them, probably because of the mixture of colour and texture, but realistically, I don't know if I'd wear them. They'd look fabulous with skinny jeans, but I don't (nor will I ever) own any of those. Wow, when did I become so sensible?

What are your thoughts on Autumnal accessorising? 


  1. Those brogues ARE Amazing! I love the boots too and I too shall never own skinnies!!!x

  2. I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for an indian summer (which is optimist in me), but I'm not expecting it to appear (which is the pessimist in me), but I do like planning an autumn wardrobe and these boots! Be still my beating heart. Brogue style with tweed!!! I'd blow my entire clothing budget on these.
    My favourite autumn accessory has to be the scarf, I'm constantly surprised by how much warmer you can be just by popping one on, and they look fab too. Win.