Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday Favourites 160..

Poppy Bunny
001: Rabbit Print Dress, £129
Poppy Sardines
002: Sardine Print Dress, £129

This week's wishlist is just entirely from Poppy England, of everything, please! I really love the way Poppy use hand drawn prints for their pretty dresses, which are just like adult versions of the perfect kid's party dresses. 

Both of my current favourites are the same style - the Elsie dress. I tend to prefer either short or no sleeves on my dresses and these look to be the perfect length. Plus, a waist tie. A bow at the waist is always a winner for me on any dress. Added to that, the amazing prints - rabbits? And sardines?! Awesome. I'd love to welcome these into my wardrobe. 

What do you think of the new Poppy prints?


  1. The rabbit print dress is to die for! xx

  2. Yes, I too have been adoring their prints this time! I still loved that beautiful forest dress from last time and really wish I'd bought it despite the very expensive cost!x

  3. Oh, behave! Poppy England is just divine! I've lusted after each and every single dress they've made, just too expensive. When I'm a millionaire, I'll buy us the range! ;-) xx