Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Quality over quantity?


First of all, apologies for the naff photographs. I took some much better ones at the weekend but sadly lost the along with my camera.

I've talked about SunDRIED in the past -they sent me this snazzy tee which I styled up.

Currently going through a rebranding process, SunDRIED is a brand who take their inspiration from surf and triathalon culture and it excites me greatly that they are planning to launch a range of gym clothing early next year. They are stripping back the range of items they offer, so that they have a smaller range of better quality items. I kind of salute that, despite the fact it's not the way I tend to live my life (any excuse for more shoes).

Ethics important to them, SunDRIED aim to keep their carbon footprint as low as it can be.


These are part of the SunDRIED sunglasses range; Lima sunglasses, which are a fabulous bright blue colour. I always tend to go for large, bold and colourful sunglasses and these were just the thing to fit the bill. 

I have only had a couple of opportunities to wear them, due to our silly summer weather, but they'll be toted around in the car for those low-sun winter mornings, no doubt. I'd certainly recommend them and can't wait to see what the new collection brings with it! 


  1. They look a good solid pair to wear! So sad about your camera.x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie. I'm really sad about it, too. The hotel are just ignoring my requests for an update so I think that's the end of that.