Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tuesday Titles 058..

The Daughter's Secret - Eva Holland 
I toted this book around with me, to and from Paris last weekend, but didn't really get any chance to sit and read. When I started it this weekend, I read it within one sitting - a compelling storyline.

When she was 15, Rosalind's daughter Stephanie ran away with her geography teacher. The family was put through turmoil, not knowing where their daughter was and being forced to face the media.

Six years on, Rosalind receives a phone call telling her that the prisoner is about to be released. Once again, she feels as though her world is collapsing around her. Although, did it ever come back together after the event?

The story follows Rosalind's anxious outlook on life and events, in an attempt to find out what happened six years ago, and to keep Stephanie away from Nate when he is released. Soon it becomes apparent that the problems within Rosalind's family are bigger than she thought and she's not sure whether she can overcome her fears.

I don't know whether "enjoy" is the word, given the subject matter, but I'd recommend this book for sure.


  1. I always find it hard to find the right word for a book that you enjoyed despite the challenging or dark or difficult storyline.