Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Tuesday Titles 059..

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful 1) - Jamie McGuire

I'm not often one for YA fiction. I'm also not entirely sure how this book came to be with my to-be-read pile, I think it was sent in a swap from last year. I picked it up last week as I was in need of something to read and I found it really compelling, so I think it's good to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone.

Described as a "good girl", Abby has moved across the country with her best friend to go to college and escape her previous life. Which we don't find out about until later on in the story, but needless to say it comes back to haunt her.

Abby's best friend, America, America's boyfriend Shep, and Shep's cousin Travis, make up a bit of a cosy foursome who spend time together. Except that Travis is the school's bad boy, with the worst reputation possible. Heartbreakier, underground fighter and not reserved when it comes to fighting just about anyone. Abby promises herself, and everyone else, that she will not get involved with Travis; he's just the type of thing she needs to avoid.

Of course, something brings them together and the book follows the most dysfunctional relationship between Abby and Travis. It's predictable and the storyline takes a turn for the ridiculous, yet I still found it had an enjoyable fast pace.


  1. I don't mind a bit of YA fiction, although I have to cleanse the palette with something grown up afterwards, it's entertaining, even if sometimes leans towards the ridiculous.

  2. Never seen this book, but it looks interesting :) Thanks for the comment, I didn't really think the watches would fit in my style either. Though, my husband now has the watch, haha. My friend made my necklace, she creates loads of different ones, those are more my style, haha!! There's a link on my post if you want to see her shop :) xx