Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday Favourites 171..

Bath Products
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Today sees the first of the festive relative visits and therefore the exchange of gifts, which has got me thinking about re-gifting. I know it's not cool, but what do you do with those presents from not-so-close friends and relatives who really don't know you at all? I mean, my bathroom is just about bursting at the seams with shower and bath gift sets which I just won't use. 

Therefore, I've put together this week's wishlist as a little helpful hint to those who might be wondering about which bathroom things fall into my wanted category.

001: Body Shop body butters have been by far my favourite moisturiser for goodness knows how long. I'd love to try out one of their festive scents.

002: I've been using my way through a Ted Baker gift set I received last Christmas, and have really come to like their shower cream and body lotion offerings. Swimming daily has it's disadvantages as it really dries out my skin, so I find I can never have enough moisturiser.

003: I've never really bought into the Lush hype that I seem to see everywhere, but I'd rather like to try out one of their massage bars, and this peach scent intrigues me.

004: I'm a total bore when it comes to perfume: I wear them same one every day. But I feel you can't far wrong with JPG.

005: A pocket mirror = total handbag essential.

006: The Wella Enrich have been by far the best hair products I've found to combat my chlorine-ruined locks. I've talked about it here in the past and look out for offers on it whenever I can.

007: Cutest possible cosmetic bag? Yes please! 

008: I'd love to prettify my bathroom up a little bit and think a new tooth mug, brush holder and soap dispenser would be the perfect way to spruce it up without having to properly redecorate.

009: Last but not least, I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to make up. I never wear it. The closest I ever get is painting my nails and I'd love to give some glittery polish a go for all of the parties...

What bathroom goodies are you actually wishing for this year? What do you do if you receive something which isn't your cup of tea? Have you perfected that "gracious thanks" smile?


  1. I LOVE the Body Shop's body butters. I really want to get the glazed apple and plum scents before they're gone for another year, but I own about six or seven TBS body butters already so I think I have enough! I'd love to get the new Urban Decay Vice and Spectrum palettes and some of the L'Occitane rhubarb products, but I'm probably dreaming! I have been known to pass unwanted gifts on to friends, but sometimes I just keep them and don't use them. LOL. xx

    1. I have been a lot better lately at using things up before I buy anything new - certainly with body butters and moisturisers and the like.