Sunday, 29 November 2015

I don't wanna feel blue anymore..

Coat: Marks and Spencer // Scarf: Primark
Necklace: ASOS
Jumper; H+M // Bag: Primark
Little Tipple shoes: Irregular Choice

All of the blues today in this outfit post. I have worn this dress a couple of times, lately. I still love the random camping print on this fabric. 

This jumper was a Christmas gift from a friend last year and I always seem to end up wearing it with this necklace. Considering it's also totally not the kind of thing I'd usually go for, I've worn it so often!

I seem to go through handbag phases, and for the past week or so I've been favouring this cute little teddy, which I swapped with one of my friends earlier in the year. His face makes me smile! 


  1. I have this jumper too, and just like you said, I've ended up wearing it with everything. It just seems to match so much! You're so lucky to be able to swap handbags with your friend <3 This one is super cute!
    Donna xx
    Polkadot Pink - a thrifty, life&style blog

    1. I was amazed at how much I've worn it considering it so isn't my usual thing, but I love that sometimes you can be surprised like that by people who know you.

  2. the teddy bag made me smile too!

  3. Great outfit. I love the necklace.